The only thing more important than that top of the line crossbow you just bought is the crossbow case that's going to keep it protected! Since it's at the top of the priority list, you're going to need the Best Crossbow Case for 2022.

The easiest thing to do after you purchase a crossbow is to just pick up the most convenient one at your local sporting good store. Unfortunately, that's not the best idea - especially if you've spent quite a bit of money on your bow

A lot of information is out there, and it can be quite confusing when searching for the most highly rated crossbow case. To help out those hunters that want some easy-to-digest information, we've but together a simple comparison chart (with reviews) showcasing the best crossbow cases! Enjoy and leave a comment. 

Plano Spire Plano Manta TenPoint Stag CenterPoint Archery AXCSBG
Brand Plano Plano TenPoint CenterPoint
Image Plano Spire Crossbow Case Plano Manta Crossbow Case TenPoint Stag Crossbow Case CenterPoint Archery AXCSBG
Outside Dimensions
36"x18"x10" 36"x28"
Weight 10 lbs. 23 lbs. 5 lbs. 2 lbs.
Interior Protection Foam (Flat) High-Density Foam Velvet Shell Poly Material
Price Around $90 Around $130 Around $250 Around $50


Best Crossbow Case

Best Overall Crossbow Case

Plano Spire

Plano has been providing protection for your hunting gear since 1952, and they've recently started helping out crossbow hunters. One of the models that released only a few years ago is quickly rising to the top of the charts. Take a look at why the Plano Spire is the Best Overall Crossbow Case.

The Plano Spire case is one of the coolest designs out there, but looks aren't everything - this case does the job and here's why!

As far as the overall design and exterior, the Plano Spire is relatively compact and comes in at a modest weight of just 10 lbs. Unlike many other cases this one stands on its side for easy storage and comes with balanced carry handles so you're not struggling with offset weight issues. Finally, Plano has added three heavy duty latches and padlock clasps for increased security. 

Going inside, internal straps hold your crossbow in place, while high-density foam surrounds lines the compact mold. While many hunters enjoy the added padding, there are some that say more can be added. 

Again, you just can't beat the Plano Spire crossbow case. Click the link below for more detailed reviews and specifications. Enjoy!

Compatible Models: Contact manufacturer for additional information. Fits most crossbows. 

What we like: Compact Design, Airline Approved, Extra Storage, Minimal Weight

What we dislike: Limited Foam Interior

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Plano Spire Crossbow Case

Best Travel Crossbow Case

Plano Manta Premium Crush Proof

If you're in search of the best travel crossbow case, why not start with a product that has "Crush Proof" in the name. The Plano Manta Premium Crush Proof case is going to take a beating and keep going. 

In addition to the Spire, Plano has given crossbow hunters another great option to enjoy while going to and from their hunting spot. The Plano Manta is one of the largest designs out there, but it does provide the ultimate protection. 

Taking a peak at the exterior of the case, you can tell that does have somewhat of a bulky design - coming in at 23 lbs of total weight (and that doesn't include your crossbow). It's hard-shelled plastic and PillarLock system are the foundation of its crushproof strength. And something that's unique to this model is the adjustable tail stock that allows the case to contract or expand up to 11 inches.

The interior is going to very similar to the Spire. High-density foam creates a solid cocoon for any model out there. If you review many of the comments from other hunters, you'll notice that the case is well-known for its additional interior space to store a lot more gear!

Compatible Models: Contact manufacturer for additional information. Fits mosts crossbows.

What we like: Exterior Shell, Adjustable Tail Stock, Price, Durability, Storage Space

What we dislike: Weight

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Plano Manta Crossbow Case

Best Crossbow Case

Best Compact Crossbow Case

TenPoint Stag

Many of the top models above provide an immense amount of protection, but at the cost of size. We wanted to showcase one of the most compact (and secure) crossbow cases out there - the TenPoint Stag Hard Crossbow Case.

The TenPoint Stag is very well-engineered case that eliminates the extra space some crossbow cases tac on. Starting with the outside, the rigid, water-resistant shell is not only durable, but provides protection from water and dust. It's truly built to withstand tough weather and even tougher travel conditions. The case also has an integrated stirrup pass-thru with a storm flap to easily hang it for storage.

Looking at the inside, there's one features that's somewhat unique when compared to other models. The TenPoint Stag features a velvet-lined interior to not only protect but prevent scratches and scuffs (Fancy!)

Now, the crossbow does come in at a pretty high price, but you're truly getting what you pay for with this item. Also, if you use TSA approved locks, the crossbow hard case is TSA compliant. And that's great for hunters that travel!

Compatible Models: TenPoint  Vapor RS470, Vengent S440, Viper S400, Nitro XRT, Nitro X, Stealth NXT, Shadow NXT, Turbo M1, and Titan M1

What we like: Size, Velvet Interior, TSA Compliant, Water-Resistant Shell

What we dislike: Price,

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TenPoint Stag Crossbow Case

Best Soft Crossbow Case

CenterPoint Archery AXCSBG

Topping the list of soft crossbow cases is the CenterPoint Archery AXCSBG case, with over 1,000+ positive reviews on Amazon. Hunters enjoy the cost-savings, while keeping their crossbow securely protected. 

The CenterPoint AXCSBG case sets itself apart with some unique interior features that many other soft crossbow cases don't provide. First, the interior is equipped with straps to keep your crossbow from moving around too much. Additionally, Centerpoint has added some additional padding to increased protection. 

Overall, the case is relatively simplistic and durable. The 100% poly D material will withstand numerous road trips and last for years and years. Also, the exterior features an accessory pocket and arrow case compartment for additional storage.

Compatible Models: Most crossbows

What we like: Price, Interior Straps, Added Padding, Exterior Storage, Durability

What we dislike: Limited when compared to hard case models

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CenterPoint Archery AXCSBG

Best Ravin Crossbow Case

Ravin R182

The Ravin R182 hard crossbow case was designed specifically for your Ravin Crossbow, and to provide the ultimate protection while going in and out of the field. 

The size of the R182 is probably its best feature. The construction creates enough space to house a full crossbow with mounted scope, quiver, and arrow attached. It also gives you plenty of room to hold extra arrows and binoculars. 

Other top features included a water-resistant/sealed exterior with manual air valve and cam-over latches. Interior protection is a pre-cut soft foam insert that's molded to fit the generic mold of all Ravin crossbows. 

Compatible Models: R9/R15/R10/R10X/R20/R500 Series/R5X

What we like: Size, Water-Resistant, Air Valve

What we dislike: Price, Made Only For Ravin Crossbows, Weight

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Ravin R182 Crossbow Case

FAQs When Buying A Crossbow Case

Does A Crossbow Need A Case?

From a personal level, crossbow cases are not necessarily a requirement. While they do provide protection for your crossbow, bolts, and broadheads (and most importantly your crossbow scope) they are not a necessity if you don't want one.

From a legal travel perspective, some states do require hunters to have your crossbow in a case while transporting. Regulations such as this do range from state to state so it's best to check with your own state's hunting rules to get some more information. 

What's The Best Crossbow Arrow Case?

If you're looking for a durable and compact crossbow arrow case, we suggest taking a look at the MTM Crossbow Bolt Case. With over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, hunters have high marks for this product. It's a relatively simple design that holds 16 bolts (up to 23.2") and is engineered with rugged polypropylene.

Best QuietKat Electric Hunting Bike

Does TenPoint Make Crossbow Cases?

Yes, TenPoint Crossbows (and Wicked Ridge) does make quite a few different crossbow cases. Of course, many of these soft and hard cases are engineered specifically for their own models, but many will fit other brands. Take a look at the full list below!

TenPoint Crossbow Cases:

1. TenPoint HALO Bowpack

2. TenPoint STAG Hard Crossbow Case

3. TenPoint Narrow Soft Case

4. Wicked Ridge Ambush Bowpack

5. Wick Ridge Soft Crossbow Case

Are Hard Crossbow Cases Better Than Soft Cases?

Overall, hard crossbow cases are going to provide more protection than soft crossbow cases.

Hard crossbow cases are essential when traveling via plane due to airline approved regulations - no soft crossbow case is airline approved. They also provide lock options, and more room for your other crossbow accessories.

Soft crossbow cases are great when traveling on short trips when protection isn't the top concern. They are great for taking up less room, and not getting in the way of your other gear. Additionally, soft cases are usually a little cheaper, so you're able to skate by while using less money. 

Best Crossbow Cases Review Video


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