Are you in search of the best dog blind for duck hunting? There is no doubt that a good dog blind is necessary for waterfowl hunting, especially in rough conditions. While we routinely search for top hunting gear for ourselves, we need to remember our top hunting partner and what gear can help them help us.

It is important to keep your dog as safe, comfortable, and dry as possible in all hunting conditions. The list below compares some of the Top Dog Blinds for any situation and showcases some of the most important things to consider when purchasing a new dog blind.

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MOmarsh Invisilab Dog Blind ALPS OutdoorZ Alpha Dog Blind Rig'em Right Field Bully Dog Blind Tanglefree Flight Series Dog Blind
Brand MOmarsh ALPS Rig'em Right Tanglefree
Weight 17 lbs. 4 lbs. 9 oz N/A lbs. 6 lbs.
Size 31 x 24 x 21 in. 21 x 37 x 19 in. 34 x 23 x 18 in. 36 x 24 x 15 in.
Camo Optifade Realtree MAX-5 Optifade Optifade
Price Around $200 Around $90 Around $140 Around $130


Top Rated Dog Blind

MOmarsh Invisilab Dog Blind

MOMarsh has been producing high quality waterfowl products (including top layout blinds) for some time now, and that theme continues with the MOmarsh Invisilab Dog Blind. It is clearly one of the most versatile and durable dog blinds on the market. The blind not only keeps your dog hidden and comfortable but does so with a unique adjustable leg system that ranges from 0-34 inches in height. The independently adjusting legs provide stability on uneven dry or marsh-like ground, which is something any waterfowl hunter can expect. MOmarsh added a mesh bottom to the blind which allows water to drain quickly and provides additional secure footing for your hunting partner. An additional benefit of the blind is the fact that it can be used for a training tool in the off-season – something every hunter could use to keep your dog sharp. Overall, the MOmarsh Invisilab Dog Blind is a quality waterfowl product and one we highly recommend.

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What we like: Adjustable Legs (0-34"), Mesh Bottom, Slip Proof Footing

What we dislike: Weight

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Best Price Dog Blind

ALPS OutdoorZ Alpha Dog Blind

The ALPS OutdoorZ Alpha Dog Blind offers one of the most unique and quick access designs on the market today. It not only provides easy concealment but allows for your dog to enter and exit the blind in an extremely easy manner. The front contains a magnetic dual-wing door while the back features a dual-swing rear door with buckle closures. Waterfowl hunters can appreciate the engineered aluminum hub which helps with easy set-up. It's constructed of durable 600D polyester fabric on the roof with 900D polyester fabric on the floor for extra durability and comfort. The blind also features a paracord handle and shoulder carry bag for easy transportation. As noted, one of the best priced dog blinds out there!

What we like: Weight, Durable Polyester Fabric, Dual Swing Door, Portable

What we dislike: No Stand, Small Size

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Also Good Dog Blind

Tanglefree Flight Series Dog Blind

The Tanglefree Flight Series Dog Blind is another well-built waterfowl dog blind. Tanglefree constructed it to withstand some of the harshest conditions. Its corrosion resistant aluminum frame not only provides safety and stability for your dog, but also ensures that this blind was built to last. Like the ALPS dog blind, its constructed of 600D polyester material in an Optifade camo finish. The blind contains a double entry door with extra stubble straps for adaptability and a low profile. The Flight Series is definitely one of the more highly reviewed blinds out there and one that’s built to help your companion work all day.

What we like: Corrosion Resistant Aluminium Frame, Double Entry, Portable

What we dislike: No Stand, Not Very Tall, Added Wheels

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