Ravin Crossbows has produced some of the best crossbows on the market for the past 20 years. They focus on developing many of the most innovative, accurate crossbows for hardcore hunters… and they keep getting better year in and year out.

Ravin crossbows is most well-known for its HeliCoil Technology which keeps the cams perfectly balanced– ultimately making their crossbows incredibly accurate. Many of Ravin’s product are compact, efficient, and fast, and it’s mighty difficult to pick the best one. We’re going to help you break down their most important features and compare some of Ravin’s top crossbows.

I've gone out and personally tested, and spoken to individuals that routinely hunt with Ravin Crossbows, to gather the information below. You'll find a quick reference for all the most information below. Make sure to take a look at all sections before making your next purchase. 

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Ravin R29x Ravin R26 Ravin R20 Ravin R500E
Highlight Best Overall Top Rated Best Priced Fastest
Image Ravin 29x Crossbow Ravin 26 Crossbow Ravin 20 Crossbow Ravin 500E Crossbow
450 FPS
400 FPS
430 FPS 500 FPS
Power Stroke 12.5" 9.5" 12.5" 15"
Size (Uncocked) 29"L, 10.5"W 26"L, 9.25"W 34.5"L, 10.5"W 28"L, 7.6"W
Price Around $2,600 Around $2,000 Around $1,800 Around $3,300
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Best Overall Ravin Crossbow

Ravin R29x Crossbow

The Ravin R29x crossbow is Ravin's most popular model, and it's most well-known for its blazing 450 FPS. For this reason, we chose the Ravin R29x as the Best Overall Ravin Crossbow.

Now, initially you might think that speed like this can only come out of a bulky frame design, but you'd be surprised. While it's not quite as small as the R26, at only 29 inches long and 6 inches wide (when cocked) this compact 7075-T6 aluminum frame punches a lot of power. The minimalistic design is perfect for hunting from a small blind or in a tight tree stand.

As you'd expect the most important feature of the R29x is Ravin's HeliCoil Cam technology. This feature prevents overlap of the cable, allowing for greater rotation and faster bolt speeds. Other great features include the Versa-Draw system which fits into the minimalistic stock and requires only 12 pounds of cocking force.

Most importantly Ravin has introduced several safety features including anti-dry fire, auto trigger safety, and safety wings. Overall, the amount of features on this crossbow is overwhelming! Any hunter would be happy to have this as a part of their hunting gear come Fall.

What We Like

  • Fully Assembled
  • Compact Design
  • HeliCoil Technology
  • Accuracy

What We Dislike

  • Price

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Our Pick
Ravin 29x Crossbow
Ravin 29x Crossbow
The Best Overall Ravin Crossbow
The best Ravin crossbow is the Ravin 29x because it is the perfect balance of price and performance.

Top Rated Ravin Crossbow

Ravin R26 Crossbow

The Ravin R26 is one of the most compact crossbows out on the market today, measuring out at 26 inches long and 5.75 inches wide (cocked). This compactness, and the positive reviews displayed as a result, are the main reasons we chose this model as the top rated crossbow option.  

Many hunters would think that by decreasing the size, you'd have to sacrifice speed. However, Ravin's HeliCoil Technology maintains high speed output (400FPS), while not losing accuracy thanks to the company's proprietary Frictionless™ Flight System. The R26 model is perfect for hunters in cramped quarters or those looking to minimize their pack load when walking in the woods.

As far as ease-of-use Ravin is helping us all out. The Versa-Draw™ Cocking System is fully-integrated and ambidextrous, and reduces the draw weight to just 12 lbs. - a great feature that cannot be ignored. Lastly, if you're looking for another reason to buy you'll be happy to know it was chosen #1 Editor’s Choice Crossbow 2019 by Outdoor Life.  

What We Like

  • Compact Size
  • Versa-Draw
  • HeliCoil Technology

What We Dislike

  • Limb Durability

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Our Pick
Ravin 26 Crossbow
Ravin 26 Crossbow
The Top Rated Ravin Crossbow
A highly reviewed and ranked crossbow that packs power in a compact size.

Best Priced Ravin Crossbow

Ravin R20 Crossbow

The Ravin R20 crossbow is routinely called Ravin's "most powerful" crossbow, and is praised for its high level of accuracy. Its design, which is a further development of the R15 Predator, is sleek and somewhat rifle-like.

However its size is larger than many of the other models at 34.5 inches long and 10.5 inches wide (uncocked). While it is quite lengthy, Ravin did make several adjustments to the polymer stock to minimize weight - coming in at just over 7lbs as a bare crossbow.

As expected Ravin's R20 is jam-packed with many standard features including HeliCoil Technology, Frictionless Flight System, Trac-Trigger Firing System, and Versa-Draw Cocking System. Many hunters say the R20 is incredibly easy to sight-in and maintains accuracy at far distances. If you're looking for something powerful to take down big game and you don't mind sacrificing a little size check out more of the R20's features below!

What We Like

  • Price
  • Power
  • HeliCoil Technology
  • Durability

What We Dislike

  • Size

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Our Pick
Ravin 20 Crossbow
Ravin 20 Crossbow
The Most Affordable Ravin Crossbow
This crossbow is going to meet all expectations at a great price.

Fastest Ravin Crossbow

Ravin R500E Crossbow

Ravin's R500E crossbow is redefining what a crossbow means. One of the most notable features on the R500E is the new proprietary HexCoil Cam System, producing speeds at and around 500FPS - WOW!

The all new Ravin Electric Drive System allows hunters to simply press a button to cock and decock the crossbow, with the option to manual cock the crossbow as well. The electric drive system is powered by a 12-volt battery/motor unit that can be easily detached and removed to be recharged.

The R500E also incorporates the new VersaDrive Cocking system, which includes an internal clutch that prevents over-cocking. The cocking system includes a dual screw drive that shifts the Trac Trigger Firing System (TTFS) to improve overall performance and accuracy. Many of these additional features bring about an additional amount of mass, bringing its total weight to 9.9 lbs.

If you're willing to pay the price, and you're looking for one of the most technologically advanced crossbows on the market, take a look at Ravin's R500E!

What We Like

  • Speed
  • Electric Drive System
  • TTFS
  • Power

What We Dislike

  • Price
  • New Design
  • Size

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Our Pick
Ravin 500E Crossbow
Ravin 500E Crossbow
The Most Fastest Ravin Crossbow
This crossbow is Ravin's latest piece of advanced technology for hunters.

Ravin Crossbow Technology

Helicoil Technology

Ravin's Helicoil Technology heps both cams perfectly level when drawing and shooting the crossbow. This eliminates friction, giving you increased speed and downrange accuracy. HeliCoil™ Technology allows the cams to rotate 340 degrees that allows the crossbow to be compact and efficient.

Frictionless Flight System

Ravin's Friction-less Flight System minimizes potential accuracy and maintenance issues as the arrow floats freely above the rail. Reducing friction also helps increase string and cable life as they are no longer rubbing on the crossbow rail.

Trac-Trigger Firing System

Ravin's Trac-Trigger Firing system is somewhat unique in the crossbow world as the entire trigger box slides down the rail and attaches to the string.

Versa-Draw Cocking System

Ravin's Versa-Draw Cocking system is fully integrated into the stock of the crossbow, while being completely ambidextrous. While it is small size the unit reduces the cocking effort to just 12 pounds. 

Ravin Crossbow Technology


Things to Consider When Buying Ravin Crossbows


Picking out the right crossbow is always easy when you don't have to think about money. If you're able and willing to drop a lot cash, you're most likely going to receive an above average quality crossbow.

The most important thing to realize in any piece of hunting gear is how important it is to your hunting adventure, and how dedicated you are to the pursuit of game. For many of the hunters just starting out, it might be best to learn while saving some money.

Figure out what you like or don't like and minimize the cost of your mistakes. On the other hand, if you're dedicated to the sport and you're to round out your trophy fall swipe that credit card and go crazy! No matter the experience or wallet size, Ravin has a ton of options to choose from!

    State Regulations / Legality

    Before you start going down the rabbit hole of which brand and model crossbow you'd like to purchase, make sure you know your state's rules and regulations for crossbow hunting. The use of a crossbow change drastically by state, and it's important to realize what options are available. For the most up to date knowledge, check out this map provide by Best Crossbow Source on each state's crossbow rules and regulations. 

    Overall Size, Weight, & Speed

    As pointed out above, Ravin offers a variety of models that range in different sizes, weights, and speeds. Not all hunters pursue game in the same manner - some prefer to spot and stalk, while others utilize a compact set-up in a treestand or blind. It's important to take a second and think about your conditions in the field and what model best suites your style.

    While Ravin provides a lot of different price points, crossbows are a hefty purchase and one that needs to be evaluated seriously. If you're still uncertain take some time and watch reviews videos like the one below before finalizing your choice!

    Best Ravin Crossbows Review Video