So you just purchased your brand new Ravin Crossbow, and you're looking for ways to make it a little bit better. The first place you're going to look is accessories!

The good news is the fact that Ravin produces some great accessories to enhance your crossbow's performance. They offer a wide range of options at different price points - making it easy and affordable for every type of hunter. 

The list below takes a look at the Top 4 Ravin Crossbow Accessories available right now. Good luck this upcoming season!

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1. Ravin Hard Crossbow Case

Ravin designed and manufactured this case to protect your crossbow from any type of damage, whether you're traveling or moving about. While the case can store a fully equipped crossbow with both scope and quiver attached, it's relatively compact. Additionally, it provides added storage for arrows, binoculars, etc. 

What Are The Other Options?

In addition to their hard case options, Ravin also provides a few soft cases as well. These options are great for someone trying to save a little more space, and is willing to sacrifice some protection. While they are soft-sided, the cases can protect a full-equipped crossbow. 

Also, Ravin recently created a sleek and stealthy backpack option for the R18 model. It's tactical design keeps your crossbow secure, and is extremely easy to carry wherever you're traveling to hunt.

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Top Item
Ravin Hard Bow Case
Ravin Hard Case
A Great Crossbow Case Option
This Ravin crossbow case is compatible with R26, R26X, R29, and R29X models

2. Ravin Adjustable Turret Scope

Ravin engineered this Adjustable Turret Scope to make dialing in your yardage very, very easy. Taking it a step deeper, the single crosshair helps any hunter achieve target acquisition as quick as possible. With the simple turn of the elevation turret you can reach your desired yardage with ease. It also includes sight tapes to accurately mark turret for reliable results. 

Additional Specifications:

1-8 X 24 Zoom

10 Illumination Levels

Red & Green Illumination

Fog and Waterproof

Shock and Recoil-Proof

Fully Coated Lenses

Includes Yardage Tapes and Blank Tapes

What Are The Other Options?

In case you're not feeling the Turret Scope option, Ravin created a few additional options. Ravin's 450 and 500 option offers up to 100 yard reticles with some additional features. These scopes are highly reviewed by hundreds of hunters, and produce great results with less of an impact to your wallet. 

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Top Item
Ravin Adjustable Turret Scope
A Top Scope Option
A simple and accurate target acquisition scope to pair with your latest Ravin crossbow. 

3. Ravin Electric Drive Kit

Ravin developed the electric drive kit to help hunters stay focused on the hunt. This accessory attaches to the back of the crossbow and helps individuals easily cock and uncock with little effort. It can also be quickly detached from the crossbow while you're out in the woods. 

One important note - this device is only compatible with the R5000 series crossbows.

Are There Any Other Options? 

Unfortunately, this is the only option available from Ravin at this time. 

Top Item
Ravin Electric Drive Kit
Ravin Electric Drive Kit
A Great Fort Knox Option
An easy solution to cocking and uncocking your Ravin crossbow. 

4. Ravin Arrows

Ravin bolts are made exclusively for Ravin crossbows, designed to enhance every feature on their top performing models. The R138 bolts come in at 400 grains at a .003 straightness. They're also 20 inches in length. The entire packages comes with offset vanes, inserts, and nocks so you can start hunting with them immediately. 

Are There Any Other Options?

Yes, Ravin offers several different crossbow arrow options. They provide both light ed and non-lighted bolts, available at different stiffness levels. They also showcase the best crossbow bolts for each Ravin model. 

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Top Item
Rhino Crossbow Arrows
Rhino R138 Arrow
A Top Ravin Arrow Choice
This is one of Ravin's most popular and highly reviewed crossbow arrows available today. 

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