You've here because you think Under Armour is one of the best hunting clothing brands on the market today! And guess what - you are correct. 

In case you're trying to quickly sort through their top hunting clothing items, I decided to put together a list of the most popular choice within each category.

Take a look at the full list below, and read about each product's amazing highlights. I'm sure you'll find something that matches what you need. And don't forget - all of the picks are from Under Armour so you know you're going to end up with something that's going to last for years to come.

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1. Best Under Amour Hunting Hat

Under Armour Camo Mesh 2.0

If you're looking for a simple, wear-anywhere type hat that will remain durable and comfortable year after year, take a look at the Under Armour Mesh 2.0 cap.

This option is 100% Polyester with a snap closure so you don't have to guess if it's going to fit or not.

Also, this low profile hat offers extra ventilation with the trucker mesh side & back panels. And don't forget about that built in HeatGear sweatband that wicks away sweat to keep you cool & dry!

Top Item
Under Armour 2.0 Mesh Cap
Most Popular Under Armour Hat
The most popular and most comfortable Under Armour hunting cap available today.

2. Best Under Armour Hunting Jacket

Under Armour Ridge Reaper® GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Jacket

The top-rated Under Amour hunting jacket is without doubt the Ridge Reaper Gore-Text Pro Shell option!

This jacket's construction makes it a super athletic hunting option that's built for durability and unrestricted movements. While it's mainly built for Western and big game hunting, any avid whitetail hunter in a treestand will stay warm and protect in this jacket.

As far as specific details, the Ridge Reaper has a 3-layer GORE-TEX® construction and is 100% waterproof... while still being incredibly breathable. This is due to UA's Storm technology which blocks and repels water without suffocating the air inside the jacket. 

Top Item
Under Armour Ridge Reaper Pro Shell
The Best Under Armour Hunting Jacket
This is a jacket that can be worn in any and all hunting conditions, and its athletic fit allows you to move quickly without being detected.

3. Best Under Armour Hunting Pants

Under Armour Backwoods Pants

Everyone needs a reliable pair of hunting pants that's going to last from bow season to gun season. A great pick for a good all-around hunting pant is going to be the Under Armour Backwoods!

The Backwood pants options is made of ultra durable, lightweight woven fabric gives you protection without sacrificing breathability. It also has a 4 way stretch fabric for additional mobility. And it's quiet - super quite, which prevents the fabric from rustling!

Lastly, don't forget about the UA Storm technology which repels water without making you give up any breathability.

Top Item
Under Armour Backwoods
The Most Popular Under Armour Hunting Pants
A great option for any hunter looking for a pair of pants that can be used all season long.

4. Best Under Armour Hunting Hoodie

Under Armour Storm Gangzip Hoodie

You know that a good hoodie is almost a must-have in today's world. And having one that you can wear out hunting and around the house is an added bonus. Take a look at the Under Armour Storm Ganzip for the next solution to all your hoodie problems!

This hoodie is made out of a 100% polyester, exclusive Armour Fleece® which feels light, breathable, and a little bit stretchy. 

It's great at repelling water with the UA Storm technology, which means you can wear it in about any situation. 

Lastly, the soft inner layer traps heat to keep you warmer and more comfortable. What more can you ask for?

Top Item
Best Under Armour Hunting Hoodie - Storm Gangzip
Under Armour Storm Gangzip
The Top-Rated Under Armour Hoodie
A great hoodie option for someone that needs an extra layer, or for anyone looking for something they can wear in and out of the woods.

5. Best Under Armour Hunting Gloves

Under Armour Early Season Fleece Gloves

No matter how hot or cold it is, you need a good pair of hunting gloves in your pack to make sure you're well protected. Finding a reliable pair of early season gloves is pretty hard, unless you've spotted the Under Armour Fleece gloves!

This pair of gloves is lightweight, quick-drying & still really warm - a perfect combination. And again... it has the patented UA Storm technology to balance repelling water while maintaining breathability.

Don't forget to check out the trigger finger & thumb for better feel & control. This construction allow you to use touch screen devices without taking your gloves off - something every hunter needs nowadays.

Top Item
Best Under Armour Hunting Gloves - Early Season Fleece Gloves
Under Armour Early Season Fleece
The Best Under Armour Hunting Gloves
A glove that does it all and keeps lasting year after year. Don't sleep on this pick!

6. Best Under Armour Hunting Shirt

Under Armour Iso-Chill Brushline

Early season bow hunts and hauling and processing a deer requires a good short sleeve shirt. Take a look at the Under Armour Iso-Chill shirt to keep you comfortable and cool no matter what!

The men's Under Armour® Iso-Chill Brush Line Short-Sleeve T-Shirt is designed with a unique Iso-Chill body fabric that disperses your body heat, creating a cool-to-the-touch sensation that helps you stay focused during hunting. The shirt also provides UPF 50+ sun protection to shield you from harmful rays.

With its fast-drying and moisture-wicking capabilities, the shirt keeps you dry and light on your feet. Additionally, the shirt's articulated sleeves allow for a more natural range of motion. Made of 100% polyester, it is machine washable and imported.

Top Item
Best Under Armour Hunting Shirt - Iso
Under Armour Iso-Chill Brushline
The Top-Rated Under Armour Shirt
A good short sleeve shirt is a great option for a base layer, or when you have to begin processing that kill after the hunt.

Under Armour Hunting Clothing FAQs

1. Where To Buy Under Armour Hunting Clothing?

You can buy Under Armour hunting clothing at many of the major retailers, including Bass Pro, Cabela's, and Dick's Sporting Goods.

2. What Hunters Are Sponsored By Under Armour?

The most well-known hunters being sponsored by Under Armour are Kendall Jones, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, and Cameron Hanes.

3. Does Under Armour Making Hunting Backpacks?

Yes, Under Armour does make hunting backpacks. The question is - are they good enough to make the best hunting backpacks list, and beat out the competition?

4. How Well Does Under Armour Compare To Other Brands?

Under Armour is now considered one of the top brands in the hunting industry. While they might fall slightly behind the brands of KUIU, Sitka, and First Lite, they are still a great choice for many hunters.

In Conclusion

And there it is! The top-rated, and most popular Under Amour hunting clothing gear. 

It's clear that Under Armour continues to expand in the outdoor world, offering hunters an innovative option within the clothing category. If you're open to trying something new, and a little more athletic, I would highly recommend taking a look at this brand. They've proven themselves in the general sporting goods industry, and it looks like they're doing the same in hunting world too.

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