There are quite few blogs out there ranking the top crossbow cases, but are they helping you figure out how to choose a crossbow case? If I was to guess, I would say "no".

Instead of focusing on which products are best for you, I'm gong to summarize the main areas to consider before purchasing a crossbow case. From there, you can have a better idea of what to look for, and what to avoid. And most importantly, what features might be most important to your style of hunting.

From time spent using a crossbow, and choosing a crossbow case that suits my needs, I've taken the time to breakdown the most straight-forward and relevant areas to evaluate before making a purchase.

Be sure to read the entire blog, and I hope this helps you in your journey to purchase a case that not only protects your crossbow, but keeps you prepared for this upcoming hunting season.  

Main Focus: This blog showcases what should be evaluated when buying a crossbow. Scroll down to see what should be avoided.

Types of Crossbow Cases

Hard Crossbow Cases

Most hard crossbow cases are made out of a plastic polymer, more specifically polyethylene. This creates a tough outer-shell that protects from outside impact while remaining somewhat lightweight. 

The inside of these cases are packed with high-density foam. Of course, some companies use a generic form, while others equip their cases with a propriety material. Most premium/top level cases have a custom foam lining that specifically fits to the model it was designed for. 

It's important to note that hard cases offer you high levels of protection, storage, and added features, but they are going to be more expensive and much larger/heavier when compared to soft cases. 

Soft Crossbow Cases

Oddly enough soft crossbow cases are much better engineered than their friendly counterpart - soft compound bow cases. 

To go into more detail, while most soft crossbow cases are built with some sort of generic nylon material, TenPoint offers a case that has water-resistant brushed tricot exterior. 

Furthermore, some crossbow cases offer a more rigid design that still saves a lot space, but provides some sort of structure for added protection. Also, many of these structures are now incorporating a backpack style carrying option that is incredibly handy when traveling in and out of the woods. 

As you'd expect, soft cases are going to be more affordable than hard bow cases, and are far less bulky. While you do save money, I would not recommend purchasing a soft case if you're traveling extensively or if your crossbow is equipped with a very expensive scope. 

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Crossbow Case Storage

When searching for crossbow case, you'll quickly realize that you're ultimately searching for a case that not only protects your crossbow but one that will also safely store your crossbow accessories.

The best part about today's crossbow cases is the fact that almost all of them offers some sort of additional storage - at least for your most important gear. 

Now, as with all hunting gear, there are different levels to this particular feature. The premium, top level cases are going to help you store extra arrows, rangefinder, binoculars, and so much more. However, those cases that are more affordable, might limit you to just outside pockets that carry a few items. 

Before making a purchase, be sure to evaluate how important this is to your overall hunting routine, and if these additional features are really worth the cost. 

Crossbow Case Mobility

As noted in the section above, hard and soft crossbow cases offer different levels of mobility as a result of their own unique construction. 

Transporting a hard bow case is going to be somewhat difficult due to the weight and size of theses items. If you decided to purchase a lower level hard case, you're going to soon find out that the handles are awkwardly placed and the weight is unevenly distrusted. 

However, if you decide to look into a premium level case like those offered by SKB, you'll see that these cases come with durable in-line wheels for easily transport and padded carrying handles for added comfort. 

Of course, it you want the best in crossbow case mobility (and you're willing to give up a little protection), I'd recommend checking out the new line of soft backpack cases that are being offered by TenPoint and Ravin. These cases are super lightweight, and can easily be turned into a convenient backpack, while also protecting your crossbow. 

Crossbow Case Mobility

Crossbow Case Security

Crossbow case security is one of the most important things to consider for a specific subset of hunters. Of course, if you're traveling via plane you're going to need a case with a certain level of security features that will pass TSA Regulations

Aside from this, if you routinely leave your crossbow case in the back of your truck or if you're a member of a hunting club, I would recommend going with something that has durable padlock loops that can be easily locked with your own personal padlock.

Crossbow Case Price Options

When trying to purchase a crossbow case, it's best to filter down these options into 4 categories based upon price and features:

1. Premium Level ($300 Plus): This category is mostly populated by SKB as they've created military grade, custom-style cases for the best crossbow brands, and their most valuable models. They also have custom foam cutouts for the crossbow, as well as its accessories.

2. Top Level ($200-$300): This category consists of cases designed by Ravin and TenPoint that are specifically made for their own models. As you'd expect these designs are engineered to match perfectly with the outline of their own models, while some cases store additional gear as well. 

3. Mid Level ($100-$200): This category is populated by both Ravin and TenPoint's more affordable options, as well as many of Plano's top options. At this level, you're going to give up some top features, but many of these are still well-suited to protect any crossbow you might have. 

4. Lower Level (Under $100): Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of quality hard crossbow cases at this level. However, companies like Blackout and Plano still have basic level options that will get the job done. Furthermore, if you want to stay below $100, you're mostly likely going to have more luck with a soft style case. 

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Premium Level Crossbow Cases

What To Avoid When Buying A Crossbow Case?

When purchasing a crossbow case it's all about the balance of price, expectations, and your style of hunting. Each individual is going to be different, so I've created a few simple guardrails when in search of a new system of protection:

1. Don't purchase a soft bow case if you do an extensive amount of traveling (especially via plane).

2. Don't purchase a premium level crossbow case if you're new to hunting, or have an inexpensive crossbow - it's just not worth it. 

3. Don't purchase a lower level crossbow case if you needed additional storage or if you have an elite crossbow - especially one with a rangefinding scope

4. Don't purchase a crossbow case if it doesn't fit. At this point, there are quite a few manufacturers out there that make a case made for your specific model.

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