When heading out in the woods, it's clear that you're going to need something to carry all your gear in. The question is - is a hunting backpack or fanny pack better for you style of hunting?

Each style of pack is going to have its good features and bad features, and the final decision is ultimately up to you. The problem with this step is gathering all the key information before making that final purchase.

I'm going to run through some of the high level facts you need to have when comparing the two options - while also listing out the pros and cons of each. Take your time while reviewing the information, and think about how it's going to suit your own type of hunting.

Hunting Backpack Overview

There's no doubt that a good hunting backpack is the most popular choice for carrying hunting gear where ever you need to go. But is a hunting backpack the best option for you? Take a look a the pros and cons below:

Hunting Backpack Pros

1. Plenty of sizes and types to choose from.

2. Carries more gear than a hunting fanny pack.

3. Allows hunters to carry gear more comfortably.

Hunting Backpack Cons

1. Many of the top brands can be expensive.

2. Too many options may be difficult to sort through.

3. Not the best for minimalist style hunts. 

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Hunting Fanny Pack

Hunting Fanny Pack Overview

While hunting fanny packs aren't the most widespread pick for hunters, they still serve quite a few beneficial purposes. On the other side, there's clearly some drawbacks to a pack of this design. For more information on the pros and cons, check out more below:

Hunting Fanny Pack Pros

1. Helps you stay light and agile. 

2. Perfect for hunters in tree stands.

3. Can be used as a scouting pack.

Hunting Fanny Pack Cons

1. Not able to carry large amounts of gear.

2. Can be uncomfortable as some do not have shoulder straps.

3. Difficult to organize gear with minimal compartments.

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Should You Choose A Backpack Or Fanny Pack For Hunting?

Based on the information above, what style of pack is best for your type of hunting?

Overall, if you're going on any type of overnight hunt that requires you to carry a large amount gear, I would recommend a hunting backpack. From there, it's really about choosing the right size and type of hunting backpack that's really going to match up.

On the other side of things, for those hunters that like to keep it simple, carry only the essentials, and are going on fairly brief hunting ventures, I would recommend taking a look at a good hunting fanny pack. While the packs are quite unique, they match up well for someone that fits within this space.

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