Before incorporating a hunting fanny pack in your gear list, make sure to review the most frequently asked questions about this item. 

We're going to continue to add to this list as more questions come up. If you have any specific questions that you'd like for us to answer, please list them in the comments. We'll be sure to regularly check the comments, review the questions, and update this blog as needed.

Good luck this year, and we hope you find the best hunting fanny pack on the market today!

1. How To Use Camelback With Hunting Fanny Pack?

To start, not every hunting fanny pack is going to come equipped with a camelback attachment for your water. In fact, most fanny packs are built to house simple water bottles along the side belt of the pack. 

If you're looking to incorporate a camelback into a hunting fanny pack, I would recommend purchasing the Badlands Monster pack. This pack comes equipped with shoulder straps and a hidden compartment alongside the cross-section where you can hold a standard 1-liter hydration pack.

Not only is this a great pack to purchase for water storage, but its many other great qualities make it a top hunting fanny pack in general. 

2. How To Make A Hunting Fanny Pack?

While this is a common question within many popular search engines, I'm honestly not sure why anyone would want to do this. 

With so many great hunting brands out there that produce quality packs, I would leave it up to the experts. Trying to compete with one of these packs on your own might leave you with subpar results. And if you're relying on a hunting fanny pack to stand up to tough hunting conditions, you don't want to be stranded out in the woods with something that's going to break down. 

3. How To Wear A Hunting Fanny Pack?

After you purchase a hunting fanny pack it's important to remember how to properly pack it and how to properly wear it. 

Wearing a hunting fanny pack is relatively simple, but there's some key things to point out. 

1. Remove any belts, guns, etc. that are attached to your belt. Some hunting fanny packs allow you to attach things directly to the waist belt. 

2. Make sure you place the fanny pack at your waist, above you hip bones, right at your iliac crest.

3. Securely buckle and tighten the waist straps so it fits securely but doesn't cut off circulation. 

4. If you have a shoulder strap fanny pack, make sure your shoulder straps take a portion of the weight off your waist. The weight should be equally distributed on your shoulders and hips. 

4. How Much Do Hunting Fanny Packs Cost?

Hunting fanny packs costs can range from $40 to $240 with many different reasons why.

Brand and available features are the two main factors in determining a fanny packs cost. Many less-popular brands, with not so great quality offer a more affordable option for hunters that are looking for something simple and inexpensive. 

However, on the other side of things, you have brands like Badlands and Sitka that are pushing the limits of hunting fanny packs and it's going to come at a price. These packs are going to offer far better quality than many other options and are going to incorporate additional features that make hunting way easier and more convenient.

5. What Is The Best Brand Of Hunting Fanny Packs?

The best brand of hunting fanny packs on the market today is Badlands. 

Badlands has been producing top-notch hunting gear and backpacks for several decades now and they've come to market with a hunting fanny pack that's unlike many other options on the market. If you're looking for a versatile fanny pack that's going to stand up to extremely tough conditions, I would definitely recommend checking out Badlands. 

6. Is A Hunting Fanny Pack An Essential Piece Of Hunting Gear?

Hunting fanny packs are not necessarily an essential piece of hunting gear. 

I say this because while they do house enough room to bring the essentials, you're able to do this with many other standard day hunting packs. Additionally, hunting fanny packs are very unique and are very beneficial for certain types of hunting styles and situations

7. How Much Can You Pack In A Hunting Fanny Pack?

Most hunting fanny packs have a storage capacity of 400-1,100 cubic inches, which is basically 1.7 to 4.5 gallons (if you want a different comparison)

For this reason, it's hard to say what you should pack in a hunting fanny pack because that's going to be very situational. I can say honestly that a standard hunting fanny pack is going to house all the essentials you need to get out in the field. Now, it might not hold everything, but it's definitely going to be plenty enough room to get the job done. 

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