Before you purchase any bow release, make sure you know some simple, high-level bits of information to get your started. Out of all the things to research, one of the most important items has to be the Best Bow Release Brands available. 

Now, there are quite a lot of opinions out there on who's the top bow release manufacturer to purchase from. You'll find thoughts from target shooters to avid hunters, and it's going to be your job to sort through them all. Of course, we're here to help out!

The list below showcases some of the top brands, as well as some of their most unique technological features. Furthermore, we've picked out a top product from each of the brands in case you want to see an example. 

Here's the Best 6 Bow Release Brands on the market right now. Take a look below!

1. Tru-Fire

Tru-Fire is the "largest manufacturer of archery release aids in the world". Not only are they the largest, but they are also one of the most experienced. You'll find few brands that can match the number of years they've dedicated to advancing this much-needed tool. 

The brand's products are known for their accuracy, functionality, and reliability both in the woods and at the range. Furthermore, they offer an immense amount of options for every type of hunter. Tru-Fire provides bow release solutions in many different jaw release styles, and in both handheld and index finger options. 

What Makes Tru-Fire Releases Unique?

Tru-Fire's bow release advancements are almost endless, but in case you're looking for the most popular ones, check out these:

Length Adjustment: A precise length adjustment system that lets the hunter change the length between the trigger and the strap by turning the release head.

TruCenter™ Technology: A self-centering knuckle which eliminates torque on the string and adjusts for different anchor points.

TruFire’s exclusive TrapTab™ Buckle Strap: A unique connecting point between the release arm and the buckle that offers consistent anchor points. 

Lastly, the Tru-Fire Hardcore Foldback Buckles makes an appearance in our latest Best Bow Releases blog. 

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Top Item
TruFire Hardcore Foldback Buckle
Tru-Fire Hardcore Foldback Buckle
A Great Tru-Fire Option
A bow release that will maximize the power and consistency of your shots.

2. Spot Hogg

Not a lot is known about Spot Hogg releases, but the popularity of these products continues to grow. Hunters routinely brag about the durability and precision that's offered from each and every one of their bow releases. 

Many of Spot Hogg's strap style aids were built to combine the accuracy offered by handheld release aids with the comfort and security many bowhunters enjoy from strap releases. In case you're looking for a new release to replace that old one, Spot Hogg claims that many of their products will "send your old release to the bow box".

What Makes Spot Hogg Releases Unique?

Spot Hogg's features vary quite a bit between their handheld and strap style release aids. For a couple of their more well-known characteristics, take a look here: 

Precision Triggers: Lightest trigger of any hunting release ever created and with specific features such as adjustable length, fail safe trigger with no trigger travel,

BOA Strap: Enables a comfortable and precise fit without the noise of a hook and loop wrist strap

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Top Item
Spot Hogg Wise Guy
A Top Spot Hogg Option
This release holds one of the lightest triggers on the market today..

3. Scott Archery

Scott Archery states that they are the "best built release you can buy". Of course, you're going to have to be the one to decide that. However, it is important to note that Scott Archery is widely known as one the most consistent archery release aids available. 

Scott Archery rigorously tests all of their new technology, ensuring that each bow release offer tight tolerances. They guarantee that every product that leaves their factories will perform as promised, and exceed the needs and expectations of every hunter. 

What Makes Scott Archery Releases Unique?

Scott Archery offers quite a few amazing characteristics, from single and dual caliber options to superb back tension releases. A few of their most unique features include:

HyperJaw: An asymmetrical jaw design that delivers unmatched opening response, and results in a clean release that eliminates torque.

Thumb Button: A distinctive release type that leads to consistent anchoring.

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Top Item
Scott Archery Wildcat
Scott Archery Wildcat
A Great Scott Archery Option
A top release that features a cam-lock fold back connecting strap for unimpeded use of hands.

4. Carter

Carter's motto is "Accuracy Defined Through Design". And as a premium release aid, it's easy to recognize that their unique designs offer unmatched accuracy in the archery world. 

Many hunters applaud Carter releases for giving archers so many choices - acknowledging that different angles and sizes are needed to help archers reach the peak level of comfort and consistency. Although Carter releases are a little more popular with the professional target shooters, they are still a great option for an avid hunter who spend hours in the woods. 

What Makes Carter Releases Unique?

Before you purchase a Carter release, take a look at a few of the brand's most popular characteristics that offer unmatched accuracy. 

Controlled Engagement System (C.E.S.): A design that completely eliminates the need for a travel adjustment with absolutely no felt movement in the trigger.

Cradle Rotation System: Allows the archer to adjust the distance of the click to firing from 0 (no click) to .050, or anywhere in between.

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Top Item
Carter Wise Release
Carter Wise Choice
A Great Carter Bow Release
This is one of Rhino's highest quality safes that provide a superior peace of mind and security.

5. T.R.U. Ball

If you've ever picked up a bow or even stepped foot in an archery shop, you've heard of T.R.U Ball releases. This particular brand is one of the most widely distributed options available to hunters because of their many differing styles. They appeal to both professionals and weekend warriors as they match quality with reasonable prices. 

There's no doubt that T.R.U. Ball releases provide consistent shots after years and years of performance. Since all of their products are proudly engineered, CNC machined, and assembled in the USA, you know you're getting a reliable product. Take a look at what they have to offer, and one of their most popular options below. 

What Makes T.R.U. Ball Releases Unique?

Whether you're looking for a handheld or strap style release aid, T.R.U Ball has something unique to offer with these great features below: 

Ultra-Flex Personalized Fit System: Flex finger pieces have a patented 30 degrees of movement at each pivot location.

2-In-1: Activated by a simple screw adjustment, a hunter can choose a thumb trigger or pull-thru tension.

Tri-Star Hook System: Makes loading quick and easy. 

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Top Item
T.R.U Ball Beast
T.R.U Ball Beast
A Top T.R.U. Ball Option
Constructed with a high-speed design that includes a radical forward trigger placement for increased draw length.

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