If you start to accumulate quite a few guns, you're going to need a solid, reliable gun safe to store them in. 

Believe me, I'm guilty of storing my first few guns in the back of the closet, but once you start to purchase quite a few it's almost a requirement to have a gun safe. Not only does it ensure maximum protection for your weapons investment it also provides maximum safety benefits for your household.

If you're just now looking to purchase your first gun safe, or you're looking to upgrade, you might want to know the different available options. 

For this reason, I'm going to summarize the different types of gun safes below!

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The Different Types Of Gun Safes

The list below contains the ten different types of gun safes available today.

1. Biometric Gun Safes

These gun safes use a capacitive access system that operates by storing biometric data (i.e. fingerprints) on a small computer system. This system unlocks the safe when the biometric input matches that of the owner's. 

Popular Types Of Gun Safes To Buy

2. Electronic/Keypad Gun Safes

Electric/keypad gun safes combine an electronic keypad with either a four or six digit code to lock and unlock your gun safe. Thees are one of the most popular style of safes, dethroning traditional keyed safes.

Electronic/Keypad Gun Safes

3. Combination Dial Gun Safes

If you're in the marketing for a more traditional style gun safe, you might want to entertain a combination dial model - a popular choice by many of the top gun safe brands.

Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of these because they take so long to open, and of course if you mess up you have to start all over again.

On the other side, these are relatively problem free solutions, and you don't have to check or monitor the battery life like electronic options. 

Combination Dial Gun Safes

4. Keyed Gun Safes

Whiled keyed gun safes are another traditional option like the combination dial one mentioned above, they are quickly falling out of popularity.

Many of today's keyed gun safes are going to exist within handgun style safes, and those that are a little bit lower quality and more affordable. Rarely do you see these in high quality, expensive gun safe models.

While these are very straight forward options, don't lose those keys or you're very much out of luck!

Keyed Gun Safes

5. Hidden/Concealed Gun Safes

Hidden concealed gun safes are discreet storage solutions designed to blend into their surroundings or appear as ordinary furniture, providing a covert way to store firearms.

These safes offer a level of secrecy and security by keeping firearms out of sight and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. They come in various forms, such as hidden compartments in furniture, false walls, or disguised as everyday objects, offering a discreet and secure storage option for gun owners.

Hidden/Concealed Gun Safes

6. Fireproof Gun Safes

Unfortunately, all gun safes are not fireproof! Something to keep in mind.

While this isn't necessarily a requirement it might something to consider if you want the ultimate protection. To better understand the different options, I've categorized them into three levels. Take a look!

- Lower ratings (30 minutes at 1200°F): These are more basic safes and may be suitable for basic fire protection or deterring theft in a minor fire.

- Standard ratings (60 minutes at 1700°F): This is a common range for many gun safes and offers decent protection for a typical house fire.

- Higher ratings (90 minutes or more, up to 2 hours): These safes provide the most fire protection and are ideal for those who want maximum security for their firearms and valuables.

Top Item
Browning Ultra 33-Gun
A Great Fireproof Gun Safe Option
A top gun safe that provides 60 minutes of reliable fire protection at temperatures up to 1,400°F.

7. Compact/Portable Gun Safes

Compact/portable gun safes are smaller-sized safes designed for storing a single handgun or a few small firearms. They are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for travelers or individuals who need to secure a firearm in a vehicle.

These safes typically offer quick access mechanisms such as biometric scanners, electronic keypads, or simple keys, ensuring that the firearm can be retrieved rapidly when needed.

While they may not provide as much storage space as larger safes, compact/portable gun safes offer a convenient and secure solution for safeguarding firearms while on the move.

Compact/Portable Gun Safes

8. Long Gun Safes

Long gun safes are specifically designed to accommodate rifles, shotguns, and other long firearms. These safes typically feature larger interiors with adjustable shelving or racks to organize firearms efficiently.

They prioritize security and protection, often incorporating heavy-duty construction and advanced locking mechanisms to safeguard valuable firearms from theft or damage.

Long gun safes may offer additional features such as fireproofing to protect firearms from fire hazards. They provide a dedicated and secure storage solution for gun owners looking to safely store and access their long firearms.

Long Gun Safes

9. Modular Gun Safes

A modular gun safe is a type of firearm storage solution that consists of separate panels or sections that can be assembled and customized according to the user's preferences and needs.

Unlike traditional gun safes, which are typically constructed as single units, modular gun safes offer flexibility in terms of size, shape, and configuration.

Modular Gun Safes

10. Under Bed Gun Safes

We probably all had the uncle or grandpa that had a shotgun hidden under the bed for those emergency situations. While I get the convenience of placing a weapon under the bed, this is extremely dangerous. 

Today, you can now get that same convenience with an added level of safety by taking a look at under bed gun safes.

These safes mirror a drawer style system with industry standard locks, fire protection, and features. User are able to easily punch in their combination, slide out the drawer, and pick up their weapon in a matter of seconds. 

Under Bed Gun Safes

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