If you are buying a sports car or the latest fashion, you may find the best of the best are manufactured far from American shores. However, when it comes to hunting gear America is an industry leader. Americans have a solid connection to the outdoors and hunting, so producing high-quality hunting gear was a natural decision for many companies.

Over the years, many of these hunting boot companies have remained U.S.-based, but production occurs in Asia, South America, or Mexico. However, some of the best are still made here in the U.S. of A. We have compiled a list of which top hunting boots are made in the USA.

1. Thorogood

Thorogood is more than an American boot company. They are also an example of “the American Dream” coming true. Started by two partners in 1892 Milwaukee, the company quickly became a leader in producing specialty work boots. Whether you are a soldier, first responder, coal miner, or farmer Thorogood has supplied boots to fit your needs. In 1960 the Thorogood Moc Toe was adopted by the Boy Scouts of America as the official footwear. Today they provide a wide range of hunting, outdoor, and work boots for the American working man, all from three central Wisconsin facilities.

Thorogood focuses on producing well-built boots designed to withstand the rigors of a hard day in the dirt. Whether you find yourself on the job site or in the tree stand, you can count on Thorogood to stand up to anything you, or Mother Nature, dishes out. Some key features include Goodyear storm welts, durable leather construction, and Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on a Poron comfort insole.

2. Danner

Danner is a trusted name in outdoor footwear, and with good reason. Since their 1932 beginning in Portland, Oregon, Danner’s focus has been to produce quality footwear stronger than the harsh environments wears face. While early models focused on footwear for loggers, the same technology and attention to detail have allowed Danner to produce some of the best American-made hunting boots on the market.

“You don’t put on a pair of Danner boats to sit around the house. They’re made for the adventure, exploration, and the hard work the men and women who wear them perform day in and day out”.

One of Danner’s unique features is the production of hunt-specific boots. Hunting upland birds? They have a line of boots just for you. Are you hunting at high altitudes? Yep, there is a line of boots for that too. The list includes pronghorns, stealthy stalks, cold, wet days in the field, and even elk. All boots are constructed using high-quality leather or denier nylon. Gore-Tex provides waterproofing & insulation, and Vibram soles complete the package.

Top Item
Danner Vital Hunting Boot
Danner Vital Hunting Boot
The Most Popular Danner Boot
This boot is best for the mobile hunter that needs added insulation.

3. Chippewa

Chippewa Boots was founded in 1901 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Original designs were focused on providing quality, long-lasting footwear to the loggers, engineers, and builders who were paving the way West. Today that same commitment to quality and craftsmanship allows Chippewa to remain a leader in providing rugged, long-lasting footwear for the American working man, whether on the job site or in the field.

Chippewa stands out among competitors because they continue to provide the original products that made them a household name. An example of this is the 17-inch high pull-on outdoor boot. Although others have moved towards a sneaker like hunting boots, these boots keep the tradition alive. Non-tarnishing brass buckles & zippers and premium leather lowers coupled with woven nylon uppers, 5 Iron Texon insoles, and Vibram outsole provides a combination that has stood the test of time.

4. L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is the iconic supplier of American outdoor equipment. Everyone from mountain climbers to first-time upland bird hunters can get what they need from L.L. Bean. However, there are no more recognizable item products by L.L. Bean than their legendary hunting boots. The unique combination of rubber body and leather uppers has become a symbol of the time spent at hunting camp for generations and has been copied by countless others. At one time, you could only get L.L. Bean gear by visiting their Freeport, Maine store or via the mail order catalog. Spotting the catalog in a person’s home showed they were true outdoorsmen. Now everyone can enjoy quality footwear and more via the company’s website.

L.L. Bean was the first to offer the now iconic Maine Hunting Boot. The rubber body and leather upper offer the best protection from wet field conditions while still being comfortable to wear all day. A 1-year money-back guarantee backs all purchases. After one year, L.L. Bean will repair or replace any item due to material or manufacturing defects.

5. Rocky

Born in Depression Era Ohio, Rocky Boot Company is the story of a family-run company that has survived trial and tribute to become one of America’s leading outdoor footwear companies. Over the years, the company has held several names and produced a variety of boots. However, after their outdoor line was featured at the 1984 SHOT Show, hunting boots became their main focus and gained them worldwide acclaim. Today Rocky Boot Company continues to manufacture some of the world’s most famous lines of outdoor footwear, all from their original hometown of Nelsonville, Ohio.

Rocky is known for providing features ahead of time, providing wearers with increased comfort and protection in the field. Examples include 3M Thinsulate for superior warmth without the weight, scent-proof construction, and BOA Fit system for a more personal fit & comfort.

Top Item
Rocky Retraction Hunting Boot
Rocky Retraction Hunting Boot
The Best Rocky Boot
This boot is great for keeping your feet warm and dry while remaining relatively lightweight.

6. Schnee’s

Schnee’s Boot Company was built out of necessity. The outdoors people in and around Bozeman, Montana, needed high-quality boots to protect them from the harsh conditions they faced day in and day out. Providing best-of-breed footwear, apparel, and outdoor products became Schnee’s mission, which they still embrace today.

Although you may not recognize their name, there is no doubt every outdoors person recognizes their iconic PAC Boot design. The original PAC Boot included Vulcan runner lowers, premium leather uppers, and removable quilted liners. Although Schnee’s now offers a long line of designs to meet every outdoor person’s needs, it is hard to bet the PAC. Each boot is handmade in Bozeman using only the highest quality materials; many are produced in-house according to the original designs.

7. LaCrosse

One of the oldest and most renowned hunting boot companies known by anyone who has owned a pair of rubber hunting boots is LaCrosse. They started manufacturing rubber horse shoes in 1896 and later switched to rubber boots around 1906. 

While the company originated in La Crosse, Wiscounsin, they eventually moved to Portland origin to carry on the tradition of high quality footwear. Honestly, it's hard to beat a good pair of LaCrosse rubber boots as they basically invented the templated. But don't let that fool you! They've continued to push the envelope when it comes to innovation by developing some of the top performing hybrid rubber hunting boots on the market.

8. Irish Setter.

Irish Setter boots are made in the Red Wing, Minnesota as they are under the Red Wing Boot company. Similar to LaCrosse, Irish Setter has been around since the early 1900's, producing quality leather footwear for a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. 

Today's Irish Setter line of boots offers a diverse product line to any type of hunter out there. From quality rubber boots to elite-level upland and backcountry hunting footwear, they pretty much have anything you want to try out. I think this is one of the strongest qualities of Irish Setter because if you find one boot that you like from them, you're almost guaranteed the opportunity to stay in brand and purchase something else for different style of hunting. 

Top Item
Irish Setter Elk Tracker Hunting Boot
The Most Popular Irish Setter Boot
The best big game boot that can withstand tough conditions.

My Final Take

There you have it, a list of which of the best hunting boots are made in the USA. Each upholds a long tradition of providing the American outdoorsman with the best possible footwear specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the American hunting experience.

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