Duck hunting can be somewhat of an intimidating sport to get into – especially with the immense amount of knowledge and expensive gear that’s “required” to begin. We’re going to break down some of the top duck hunting items you’ll need if you want to increase your chances of a successful hunt. Of course, you can always go with the very basic of items, but we’re going to step it up a bit!

Waders - Sitka Gear Delta Zip Waders

If you’re looking for the best duck hunting waders out there, look no further than the Sitka Gear Delta Zip wader. According to Duck Hunting Fanatics, this is their top pick for the upcoming season. Sitka Gear is one of the most reputable waterfowl brands on the market today, and their quality is fully represented in this item. Reinforced shins and knees ensure durability, while lacrosse aeroform boots keep the waders lightweight and warm. Furthermore, it’s the first and only serviceable GORE-TEX waterfowl wader on the market. The list of features is almost endless so click here to read more information!

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Hand Warmers - HW x Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Staying warm is the key to staying comfortable, and it's frustrating to cut a hunt short because you're unprepared. A lot of hunters turn to disposable hand warmers, but it's time to move on. To save money, and add a few features, take a look at the HW x Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmer. It not only keeps your hands warm, but also charges your phone. If you're interested in learning about this item, click here to read more information!

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Jacket - Sitka Gear Delta Wading Jacket 

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? Many popular articles continue to recommend Sitka Gear as the top waterfowl hunting apparel brand. For this reason, we agree with North West Sportsman, on their top recommendations for Best Duck Hunting Jackets. The Sitka Gear Delta Wading Jacket is built for extreme weather conditions and is equipped with durable 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro fabric. To review all the jackets key features, including the water-sealing wrist cuffs and an integrated call keeper system, click here!

Base Layer - Smartwool Base Layers

We’ve covered the two most important outer layers for your next duck hunting adventure, but it’s important to not forget about base layers. Most probably grew up with a good ol’ pair of Long Johns, but new technology has created better performing base layer apparel to keep you warm during those cold mornings. Switchback Travel has ranked the top base layers and Smartwool ranks number one! Learn more about their products, and why they use ZQ-Certified Merino wool here!

Decoys - AvianX Top Flight Wood Duck Floaters 

If you think people have opinions about the best duck hunting gear, try asking about the best decoys for duck hunting. There are quite a few top brands out there, including Higdon, Avian-X, MOJO, Dakota and so on. Top picks are going to depend on hunting environment, how much you want to spend, and how much time you want to dedicate to setting up your spread. For one of the most comprehensive guides out there, read Big Game Logic’s comparison of the top decoys on the market.

Kayak - Perception Pescador Pilot 12 Waterfowl Kayak

If you’re looking to get out on the water for your next duck hunt, but don’t want to spend the money on a decked-out boat, take a look at some of top kayaks for duck hunting. Globo Surfer ranks the top duck hunting kayaks out there for you to review before your next hunt. The Perception Pescador combines a pilot drive pedal system with a wide base to balance both speed and stability on the water. For more information, and to learn about their comfortable captain’s chair, read about it here!

Blind Bag - Rig’Em Right Blind Bags

 Rig’Em Right is producing some of the most durable, well-organized bags for duck hunters today! Plus, they look awesome. Their assortment of bags, which are highly recommended by Field & Stream, comes in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a simple bag, or something with a few more pockets and features, they’ve built something to meet your needs. For the full assortment of Rig’Em Right blind bags click here

Lights - Petzl Tactikka +RGB Headlamp

 You can break down lights into quite a few categories, but we’re going to focus on simple headlamps right now. Whether you’re in the water, in the boat, or in the field, the key things is to be hands free. To do this, we’ve researched an article that reviews the best headlamps for hunting by Man Makes Fire. They’ve chosen the Petzl Tactikka +RGB Headlamp based on its efficient size and lumens, along with its lengthy run-time. To review more product specific information, please click here!

Boots - Muck Boot Woody Max Rubber Insulated Hunting Boot

Let’s say you leave the waders at home, and you’re headed to the field the morning duck hunt – you’re still going to need a good pair of waterproof, warm, dependable boots. Gear Hungry put together a great list of the best boots for duck hunting, and at the top of the list is the Muck Boot Woody Max Rubber Insulated Hunting Boot. This hybrid rubber boot features a midsole made of EVA, and an upper made of neoprene, to keep your feet warm and dry all day long. Take a look at the complete list of features and details here!

Dog Blind – MOmarsh Invisilab Blind

The dog blind has reached an entirely new level of design and development over the past several years. Our favorite hunting partner is no longer required to sit in the mud or out in the rain waiting for its time to shine. Many of the top brands such as Alps, Tanglefree, Rig’Em Right, and MOMarsh have dedicated countless hours in the field to put together some great features. For a full list of the best dog blinds for duck hunting, check out our very own blog here at Hunter’s Wholesale. For those traveling to an from a blind, remember to research the Best Hunting Dog Kennel as well. 

Dog E-Collar - SportDOG 425 Dog Training Collar

 While hunting dog e-collars are most commonly used for upland hunting, they can come in pretty handy when you and your dog are out chasing down ducks. Furthermore, it’s important to realize that when you’re picking out an e-collar for waterfowl hunting, to keep in mind that these collars will have to not only withstand tough field conditions but also the impact of wet and watery environments. For a full breakdown, take a look at this article from The Waterfowl Hunter and what they think is the best e-collar for waterfowl hunting companion.

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