Before you start picking the best hunting backpack for your next hunt, it might be best to start with the best hunting backpack brands on the market today. 

The great thing about this particular category is the fact that there are only a handful of top companies to consider - making the job relatively easy. Of course, some brands specialize in a few types of backpacks, while others offer a wide range of options for any hunter out there. 

The list below summarizes the Best Hunting Backpack Brands across the board. We're going to lay out a brief overview and explain what sets them apart from the competition. Enjoy and good luck this season!

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1. Kuiu

Kuiu is one of the most popular hunting clothing brands on the market; however, it doesn't just do clothing. They've now started engineering some of the most durable and innovative pack options available to hunters. 

The company's range of backpacks includes everything from unique stalking backpacks, to multi-day, backcountry framed packs with an amazing list of features. 

What Sets Kuiu Apart From Its Competitors?

Kuiu's recent development of the Pro Pack System is the company's best advancement of the hunting backpack solution. 

The Pro Pack System aims to increase their packs comfortability, durability, and capability. A few of the system's most notable features includes wider and soft shoulder straps, profile-adjustable hip belt, tunable lumbar, ample pocketing, heavy-duty 500D CORDURA® and robust #10 YKK zippers

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Top Item
Kuiu Venture Divide 3000
Kuiu Venture Divide 3000
Popular Kuiu Hunting Backpack
This hunting backpack from Kuiu is one of the most versatile and highly reviewed packs available today.

2. Badlands

Badlands gear is made in Sandy, Utah, and continues to be one of the toughest pieces of gear you can find. This characterization, while present within their clothing, is largely recognized within their pack systems.

Badlands is focused on producing the "best hunting packs on the planet", and they are doing everything to make this happen. The company spends endless amounts of time figuring out the pain points of today's backpacks, and researches and tests ways to improve such options.

What Sets Badlands Apart From Its Competitors?

Two of the most notable characteristics include the 3-Layer KXO-50™ Fabric Features and the SWAP™ system.

The 3-Layer KXO-50 fabric is both tough, quiet, and waterproof, and an improvement on their previous KXO-32 fabric. Furthermore, this material is much lighter than the aforementioned option, making it ideal for any hunting backpack.

Lastly, the Badland's SWAP system helps hunters easily organize and adjust their gear by moving pockets and accessories around the pack.

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Top Item
Badlands Pursuit
Popular Badlands Hunting Backpack
The hunting backpack is a great pack for anyone pursuing a day hunt, and looking for a reasonably priced option.

3. Alps OutdoorZ

There's really no introduction needed as Alps OutdoorZ has a longstanding reputation in the hunting backpack world. They've been designing and engineering a variety of top-of-the-line packs for hunters of different styles, shapes, and sizes. 

If you're looking for great backpack, or even a solid hunting fanny pack, you're going to want to check out Alps. They are dedicated to providing affordable, performance-driven gear, and with their industry-leading warranty it's honestly hard to beat.

What Sets Alps OutdoorZ Apart From Its Competitors?

The most innovative piece of technology developed by Alps OutdoorZ is without a doubt the Elite Frame packs. 

Alps decided to reengineer their pack to be 30% lighter and 30% stronger than their previous frame design. Furthermore, these frames have a contoured lumbar design that provides support and comfort. Lastly, the frames house packs built of 500D Nylon CORDURA®.

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Top Item
Alps Outdoorz Pursuit Pack
Alps OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack
Popular Alps OutdoorZ Hunting Backpack
The most highly review pack produced by Alps, this pack offers quite a few solutions to any hunter.

4. Sitka

Sitka has created a large lineup of hunting backpacks for deer hunters, big game hunters, and even turkey and duck hunters. While the options are relatively diverse, the durability and reliability remain consistent - something that needs to be consider when choosing a hunting backpack.

The great thing about these packs is they're usually available at a sporting goods store near you. I know a lot of hunters like to get a hands on feel before purchasing an expensive piece of gear. And while a lot of the other brands are direct to consumer or have limited retail options, Sitka is so popular you can find a lot of these packs near you.

What Sets Sitka Apart From Its Competitors?

To be honest, Sitka doesn't really have a key piece of technology built into their packs that separates them from the competition. Of course, they have a few backpacks with the Fanatic material that's utilized to reduce gear noise, but that's about it.

To really experience the difference, you have to look at the designs of the packs. Sitka does a phenomenal job designing packs exactly for each individual hunter's style of hunting. They know what gear you're going to pack, how to best organize your hunting backpack, and incorporates both of these insights into their construction.

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Top Item
Sitka Fanatic Pack
Sitka Fanatic Pack
Popular Sitka Hunting Backpack
While it's not the newest pack from Sitka, its legacy proves to be one of the most relied upon backpacks available.

5. Mystery Ranch

Born in the Rocky Mountains, Mystery Ranch focuses on building the best load-hauling backpacks for both hikers and hunters alike. They spend their time on improving technology - always trying to make their packs carry more while weighing less. 

Now, Mystery Ranch doesn't offer a lot of variety when it comes to hunting backpacks as they're truly built for backcountry individuals. Some might not like this, but if you like a company that specializes on one type of pack this might be your pick. 

What Sets Mystery Ranch Apart From Its Competitors?

Some of Mystery Ranch's newest packs incorporate two versatile features that make these backpacks great for any situation you might find yourself in.

The POP-UP FRAME  is incporated into their daypacks, which helps convert feature converts it into a load-hauling system - expanding your load to 80 lbs. And in addition to this you have the OVERLOAD® allowing you to expand the space between the pack and the frame.

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Top Item
Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45
Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45
Popular Mystery Ranch Hunting Backpack
A great overnight hunting backpack with plenty of organization.

6. Exo Mtn

Exo Mtn might be the most well-known hunting backpack manufacturer on this list, but their pack quality puts them at the top. Similar to Mystery Ranch, Exo Mtn is focused on designing and building the best mountain hunting packs available.

If you're hunting out west, or hunting for extended periods of time, Exo Mtn might be another suitable option for your style of hunting. This company is built by hunters, and as a result they know everything that can and will go wrong. From there, they design packs that combat all these issues, putting you in the best possible position to suceed.

What Sets Exo Mtn Apart From Its Competitors?

There's no doubt that the K3 Frame is the key differentiating factor between Exo Mtn and other backpack brands.

Every pack system of Exo Mtn is built on the K3 Frame, which is built with Titanium - making it incredibly strong and very lightweight. Furthermore, an integrated load-shelf allows every hunter to haul heavy loads of meat between the frame and the pack bag.

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Top Item
Exo Mtn K3 6400
Exo Mtn K3 6400
Popular Exo Mtn Hunting Backpack
An extremely lightweight pack that can carry upwards of 10+ days of gear.

In Conclusion

And there you go! The best hunting backpack brands available to hunters today. Now, you know who they are, what their best features are, and even a few of their top products.

I would recommend taking a look at each individual brand's website to learn more about their other products. Furthermore, based on many of the hunting backpack reviews, I'm certain that if you choose to go forward with one of these brands' packs, you're going to find yourself with carrying a piece of gear that's going to last you for years. 

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