Joe Rogan is a guy of many talents and at this point, quite the household name. He's a comedian, podcast host, UFC commentator and black belt in both Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu. Among other things, he's become an avid bow hunter.

Why is this important you may ask? Well, along with bringing a unique perspective, he also draws a massive crowd. This means, for better or worse, that anything he talks about gets the spotlight shone on it. Whether or not you like him, he is bringing a lot of attention to bow hunting and the satisfaction one gets from hunting their own meat. 

Fun Fact: Joe Rogan's first hunting experience came with the renowned Steven Rinella at 45 years old - never too late to start!

We'll leave the topic of his influence on the hunting world for another article - today's article focuses on what gear Joe Rogan uses and his archery setup. If you're a hunter, beginner or experienced, and find yourself constantly tuning in to the JRE podcast and picking up nuggets to incorporate within your own life, read on and see what you can take away from Joe's setup. 

Joe Rogan's Hunting Gear

I think Joe Rogan would be the first to admit he's not one of the best hunters out there, but given his profile, he does have access to some of the best gear and most knowledgeable resources. Given this, it's safe to assume that Joe Rogan only uses the best gear, recommended by some of the best hunters in the world.

As Joe Rogan mentioned in his Instagram post from an axis deer hunting trip to Hawaii with John Dudley, the guy is big on Sitka Gear. Or as he put it, a SITKA Gear ninja. Now, whether or not he’s a real deal ninja out in the field, I’ll leave that up to the almighty hunting powers that be.

Joe Rogan Hunting Gear

Top & Bottom Layers

The SITKA Gear he’s rocking in the picture above is the Sitka Apex Hoody in Optifade Subalpine!

For bottoms, as you may have guessed, he goes with the Apex Hoody’s counterpart, the Sitka Apex Pants.

The Apex system was designed by SITKA with a focus, or as they would say, an obsession, on reducing your scent, sight and sound. The hybrid merino wool and nylon construction make for a noiseless material and that merino wool delivers natural odor control for longer hunts. This makes a lot of sense for Joe Rogan, who often goes on hunts lasting several days at a time. But that doesn’t mean you need to be going on week-long hunts for these to make sense for you – if you sweat in the backcountry, chances are these would be a good choice for you as well.

Not sure if you like Apex system? Sitka offers a wide variety of other great hunting pants!

Top Layer
Sitka Apex Hoody
Sitka Apex Hoody
Joe Rogan's Top Layer Gear
This is the hoody Joe Rogan wore while hunting Axis deer in Hawaii.

Base Layers

Joe Rogan also utilizes HECS Stealth Screen gear. For those who are unfamiliar with it, HECS Stealth Screen is a newer technology that aims to block the energy we humans give off and that humans can detect with their sixth sense. If it sounds a bit hokey, well, that’s fair. That said, the HECS technology has received a lot of backing and praise from its users and does seem to have a way of making sense.

The unique idea in the HECS Stealth Screen gear is that it has an electrically conductive carbon grid that is woven into the fabric of the gear. And that carbon grid is what blocks your energy from being picked up by animals.

According to scientific studies, researchers have discovered that many birds, fish and animals can sense extreme low frequency electromagnetic energy. It’s also a well-established fact that fish, birds and mammals all migrate based off of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. So, it would stand to make sense that many animals are able to sense energy levels put off from other living things.

When you’re out in the field hunting or observing any wildlife, it’s natural for your heart rate to be elevated and your muscles to be engaged – this means that you are putting off an electrical energy field that can be picked up on by animals.

This is why hunters, like Joe Rogan, utilize such gear. Because when you’re deep in the backcountry stalking a 1,200lbs elk, you want every advantage you can get.

All that said, we here at Hunter’s Wholesale have never tested the HECS gear out personally and this article is not meant to go too in depth on any single product, so you’ll just have to take guys like Joe Rogan’s word for it.

Base Layer
HECS Stealth Screen
Joe Rogan's Base Layer Gear
This piece of gear helps hunters remain undetected.


Joe Rogan uses Salomon shoes for most of all his footwear needs. For hunting, it appears that he goes with the Salomon X Ultra 3’s. We can’t be too certain on this exact model, but it would appear that he’s a big fan of Salomon. 

Salomon X Ultra 3
Salomon X Ultra 3's
Joe Rogan's Boots
A lightweight, waterproof boot that will tackle tough conditions.


When it comes to archery, Joe Rogan has fully bought in and committed himself to becoming an excellent archer. It takes a lot to be an exceptional archer – it requires a large number of hours practicing and a certain level of obsession.

“If you want to execute an ethical shot on an animal, you have to be obsessed; you have to practice every day. You have to be thinking about it every day.” – Joe Rogan

It’s no surprise that Joe Rogan has committed this level of discipline to his archery. It’s the same reason he has found success in all of his other ventures. It doesn’t hurt that he’s got an excellent bow setup as well.

Joe Rogan’s bow is a custom PSE NTN bow made by John Dudley over at Nock On Archery. It’s called the “Kong” because as John put it, “it’s an absolute gorilla of a bow”, and at 95lbs, is guaranteed to be the fastest and hardest hitting bow he’s ever built. Because it is so heavy, John is quick to mention that this isn’t your typical daily driver. As a disclaimer, 95lbs will wear and tear your body down… so proceed with caution.

If you want to get as close to Joe Rogan’s custom built “Kong” bow as possible, check out the PSE Nock On EVO NTN 33. You have an option between left and right hand, as well as draw weight options from 50lbs to 80lbs. You can also find it in Black, Sandman tan, and Nock On green. The limbs of the EVO NTN are finished in Gore Optifade Subalpine camo by SITKA.

PSE claims this to be their quietest bow ever made thanks to laid-back limbs and optimized string angles. The bow does a good job of dissipating noise and vibration as well as canceling excess energy, producing a true dead-in-hand feel. To check out more features and specifications of this bow, head over to PSE’s site for more info.

PSE Nock On EVO NTN 33
PSE Nock On EVO NTN 33
Joe Rogan's Bow
The next generation of EVO bows, inspired and custom-designed by John Dudley.

Bow Setup

For a complete list of Joe's Rogan's bow setup, check out the products below:

Broadhead: Rage No Collar Broadhead

Sight: Spot Hog Eddie Sight

Release: Carter Enterprises Target 4 - Finger Release

Stabilizer: Riddance Stabilizer – Short Rod

String: BCY 62XS Center Serving Thread

Arrows: Nock On Full Metal Jacket Pro Series

In Conclusion

Whether or not you’re a big fan of Joe Rogan, you cannot argue with the guy’s work ethic and commitment to bow hunting. He has put bow hunting on an entire new platform that has shone a bright spotlight on bow hunting and all it has to offer. It would be hard-pressed to argue that he is “bad for the sport” but rather, quite the opposite. Though he may be rich and famous, from all accounts it appears that he is putting in the work to be an excellent bow hunter and remains humble in the fact that he still has a ways to go.

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